(EXPIRED) Elmdon Black Circular Dining Table & 4 Black Chairs £19.99 @ Argos

Elmdon Dining Table Set £19.99 @ Argos

OMG! This may just be one of the best bargains we have ever found on PlayPennies! The Elmdon Black Circular Dining Table and 4 Black Chairs is reduced from £215.59 to just £19.99 at Argos. That's a mammoth saving of £195.60!!! Want it? Get over there now and buy it now or you'll miss out.

The Elmdon Black Circular Dining Table come with FOUR Black Chairs. It's ideal for those of you on a tight budget, or those who just don't want to spend a fortune on a Dining Table Set.

The Table is Wood effect with melamine top in black finish and the Chairs are a black leather effect fabric. Well worth £19.99 of anyone's money.

You can only opt for Home Delivery for the Elmdon Black Circular Dining Table and 4 Black Chairs and Reserve and Collect is unavailable. Due to the size, delivery costs £8.95.

Thanks to michellelouise54943

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  • Tazza6633

    yes pls 

  • Christinav1

    I ordered one of these yesterday, the order went through & they've took the £19.99 + delivery from my account & then today I received an email saying there was an error & they can't sell the product at this price. Is this correct? Can they do that?

    Any advice would b appreciated


    • admin

      Hi Christina, I'm afraid companies generally have small print stating that in the event of an error they can choose not to honour any orders placed :( Some do slip through and some get cancelled, sorry you weren't lucky this time. Have you tried contacting Argos drectly? 

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