Electronic Money Jar £6.09 @ Dealtastic

Electronic Money Jar £6.09 @ Dealtastic


A money jar that digitally tallies your savings, this money jar from Dealtastic is now £8.50, which is 43% off £14.99. Add the discount code and you take off another 40% off, bringing your total to £6.09.

Go digital with the electronic money jar

  • Discount: 40% off (also applies to other items on Dealtastic)
  • Discount Code: Crazy40
  • Expires: unknown

I love this! Yes, yes, it's gimicky, it's unnecessary, but I still think it's pretty cool. I had an extremely large pickle jar, garnished from a restaurant kitchen, which I spent a couple of evenings painting and decorating it, then superglued the lid to the glass bottle. That was a great plan, until time came to empty the bottle and I didn't want to break my artwork bottle.

Lets just say it took a LOT of elbow grease to get that lid off in one piece. But I was happy with how much was in it, and funnily enough, I can see my glass jar on the shelf from where I'm sitting.

This easy to use money bank kind of takes the fun out of it a little, but does help if you're saving for something specific, or to help children 'visualise' their savings.

Every time you pop your loose change in through the slot in the lid it tots up your total, so at a glance you always know how much you've got stashed away. Empty your pockets every night and you'll be surprised how fast you save cash up, and the lid will always tell you just how rich you're getting, compliments of the coin slot sensor embedded to detect what denomination of sterling coins you put in.

The digital money jar takes 2 x AAA batteries, and delivery from Dealtastic is an additional .99p


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