Electric Heated Car Ice Scraper £7.99 @ Wowcher

Just plug it into the car to charge up and away you go!
Electric Heated Car Ice Scraper £7.99 @ Wowcher

Don’t stress about how long you’ll take to defrost your car each morning during the winter. This electric ice scraper will quickly remove the ice and snow from your windscreen with ease!

Melt ice quickly at the touch of a button with this Electric Heated Car Ice Scraper from Wowcher. It's a bargain for the colder months at just £7.99.

The scraper is powered using the universal 12V plug that is located in your car and the cable reaches lengths of 27 metres, so you can reach all of your windscreen without straining.

The heater can reach temperatures of 60 °C to clear the ice quickly and efficiently. Made with a plastic handle and a metal panel with a rubber scraper to remove ice without damaging your windscreen.

All you have to do is purchase via the Wowcher website, they will then email you a unique code and a link to follow. Just add the item to your basket on the link, add the code and before you know it the item will be arriving at your door!

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