EGL Compact Stand Mixer £19.98 (Was £49.99) @ Studio

EGL Compact Stand Mixer £19.98

Like to make cakes, biscuits and bread? The EGL Compact Stand Mixer has been slashed in price from £49.99 to just £19.98 at Studio. That makes it one of the cheapest Stand Mixers I have ever set eyes on.

The EGL Compact Stand Mixer has 6 different speeds and a 250w motor. It's nice and compact, so is ideal even for those of you with limited worktop space.

Comes with a set of chrome beaters, dough hooks and Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl.

Choose between Metallic Purple or White.

12 Months Manufacturer's Guarantee as Standard.

New Customers get FREE Delivery when they use offer code 040.

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  • Nic K.

    Love the colour but wouldn't last a fraction of the time my kenwood has lasted

  • Sarah P.

    What the hell I might have to invest don’t like the colour much though :joy:x

  • Danielle R.

    :astonished: haven’t really got the countertop space for it :weary:x

  • Kirsty B.

    Bargain! Love the colour xxx

  • Vger G.

    Thank you for this :heart_eyes: mine is now ordered cant wait to use it xxxx

  • Claire S.

    I’m trying to de-clutter not fill it back up !!!!

  • Rosanna L.

    OMG that's awesome. Now to convince Aaron to let me have it.

  • Nikki E.

    Thats just a hand mixer with a stand lol

  • Marie S.

    Was thinking the same hunnie. It is class. :grin::grin: Xoxo

  • Serena H.

    Funny iv been trying to get on studio website lately but it kept crashing I think I'll try it on large one lol X shame it's not red xx

  • Marie S.

    Yea was thinking about the colour. Love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it. Xxxxxx

  • Dawn L.

    sadly not my colour i want white :grin:

  • Caroline C.

    I have one it's ok .. but just has one speed literally no difference between the speeds all fast and the whisk doesn't reach the edges of the bowl so u have to stop to hand mix occasionally ... But great for the price and for making basic recipes x

  • Alice C.

    Lol I have one already anddddd I have used it :grin::grin::grin::grin: xxx

  • Jennifer M.

    Would love it but got a mixer already x

  • Samantha L.

    already got a boysenberry kitchen aid stand mixer :sunglasses:... collecting dust :flushed:

  • Ggina T.

    What you talking about you’ve always had one of these purple mixers :joy: if only Scott was that gullible, you’d be sorted

  • Jennifer C.

    Mmm suppose it’s not a lot of watt is it my hand mixer is a 350w

  • CJ B.

    Oh! You going to by me a present? Lol

  • Tracy A.

    no but it would go with ur kitchen lmao

  • Vanessa L.

    Oh that’s a good price x

  • Ronnie D.

    That’s mental price for that. Perfect machine for baking

  • Katy L.

    I know! Spotted this earlier :heart_eyes:

  • Lynn H.

    Oops. Was going to say just had a look. Mine is Morphy Richards and is 1000 watts. This one is only 250 and says compact which could mean small xx

  • Nataley D.

    :joy::joy: it’s so pretty!!!!!!

  • Kelly W.

    It would look lovely in my kitchen :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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