Dusk-To-Dawn LED Night Light £2.15 Delivered @ CPC

Dusk-To-Dawn LED Night Light £2.15 Delivered @ CPC

night lightCPC have a Dusk T0 Dawn LED Night Light available for £2.15, delivered. 

I have been fortunate enough to not have children afraid of the dark, so our nightlight sings and projects a picture, and that's that. Once it's off, it's off and if they wake in the night - who'm I kidding? WHEN they wake in the night, they fortunately aren't afraid of the dark.

One of the things that stops my oldest from wanting to go to the toilet at night, however, is the fact that she can't see where she's going, so a night light like this seems like a fabulous idea. It doesn't give off enough light to be obtrusive or stop you from sleeping - according to Amazon review of the same product - but is just light enough to stop you from stubbing your toes.

Apparently the sensor senses when it's dark enough for it to go on, so you don't even have to worry about remembering to put it on. There are some iffy reviews, so keep your receipt, but overwhelmingly it receives 5-stars.

Can't really go wrong for the price, I think?


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