Dulux Paint Pod Roller System £14.99 @ Home Bargains

This has to be my Bargain of the Week (forget just 'of the day'!) - Home Bargains are selling Dulux Paint Pod roller systems for £14.99, when the RRP is £65.

I know it doesn't feel like it at the moment, but Spring IS coming and will arrive before we know it. With Spring, and longer, lighter evenings, comes that urge to freshen up the house and one of the best ways to do that is with a clean coat of paint on the walls.

I love painting walls - especially if you're changing the colour - but I really do despise all the faff that goes with it: pouring paint into the roller tray, trying not to step into, or knock over, the, now, filled-with-paint roller tray, then cleaning out the roller tray, brushes and roller when you're done.

I've lusted after a Dulux Paint Pod roller system for yonks, it just sounds as though it would remove all my roller painting woes. You can control the flow of paint (that comes in easy just-drop-in bags), it comes with a triangular edging attachment for corners and edging, it's lightweight and portable and you can't spill its paint contents all over the floor. Not only that, it cleans itself too - now if that feature, alone, isn't worth £14.99, then I don't know what is!

In-store collection is free, home delivery is not and will probably cost you an additional fiver, maybe - it's difficult to tell, as Home Bargains price their delivery according to parcel size, and I have no clue what their size guides are.

Happy Dulux Paint Pod rolling!

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