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19 May 2010

spotty Wallpaper I've been looking at this for a week now and I'm still sitting on the fence...

So I'm going to put it out there and see what you guys think...

Is dot-to-dot wallpaper that you draw on:

a) utter genius! You have to have it now and don't care that it costs £50 a roll (I said the price quickly so it didn't sound so bad) or

b) one of the most daft things you've ever seen!  Are you MAD!?  You might as well just let your kids loose all over the house with grafitti pens and save yourself a whole heap of cash by not buying rolls of paper at fifty quid a pop!

Maybe if you have more money than sense and older kids or NO kids (although it may be too late for that if you're reading this post!) and want to make a bit of a interesting design statement then this might have a place in your home.

But for most of us...?  I really can't decide; what do you reckon?  Let me know.

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  • Lynley O.
    I would buy a roll of this - just one roll - and put it up as a feature maybe in the kids room or in the hall. Wait a minute! Did you say FIFTY QUID a roll? No way. I have a tin of blackboard paint and am doing a patch in the hall. They can have fun with that for less than a fiver :)
  • bubbleboo B.
    It's a no from me - firstly, I do not believe that kid in the pic actually did those. He was posed! Not kid is going to resist the temptation to go mad when you tell them they can draw on the walls! Pretty little dot-to-dot pictures? Total chaos more like! :D
  • Nicki
    NO! Since when did we want to start encouraging kids to draw on walls??
  • Lynley O.
    too true bubbleoo! And ditto Nicki. How many kids especially aged under 6 can make the distinction between wallpaper they can draw on, and the stuff they can't? I can imagine the scenario now! My mother in law has just put up new wallpaper in the guest bedroom. It has dots in it! How would son know that it was ok to join the dots at home but not at granny's!!!!
  • daveyboysmith
    I remember seeing a similar thing listed on Freebies UK a while ago. Cool!

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