Diva-Saur Dino Reversible Duvet Set From £11 @ Groupon

Diva-Saur Dino Reversible Duvet Set

My daughter just loves dinosaurs but everything I have found for her room that has dinos on it isn't in the pink that she wants her bedroom to be. I was super pleased to see this lovely Diva-Saur Dino Reversible Duvet Set at Groupon.

It's perfect for any little dino fan!

This pretty set is available in three sizes, there's a Single size for £11 instead of £34.99, a Double for £14 instead of £39.99 and a King Size for £16 instead of £44.99.

They have such a lovely design with pink and pastel dinosaurs all over complete with flowers, hearts and diamonds too. The best part is each set requires little or no ironing! Well that's me sold!

The set is also reversible, on the other side is a grey print with the outlines of dinosaurs all over. They come with matching pillowcases, there's one if you order the single size and two if you order the double or king size.

Home delivery is £1.99.

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  • Victoria D.

    , for A, no stripes in sight!

  • Rosie W.

    I'm actually going to get this! :heart_eyes:xxx

  • Laura S.

    Its really nice isnt it xxx

  • Bryony C.

    dinosaurs and diamonds ! Think I know 2 Little girls that need this

  • Roy M.

    Same as one we already have pretty much,

  • Abi S.

    That's great! Lily gets really cross when her bedding gets changed from dinosaur to eeyor

  • Jenna K.

    Lol! Lily loves her dinos x

  • Lisa B.

    She would complain that it was pink and apparently dinosaurs are not pink! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Beanie G.

    I already have it on my bed! Nothing says romance like a dinosaur bed spread! Haha xx

  • Debington M.

    Omg I need to get this!!!!! Xx

  • Debington M.

    Just ordered! Thanks for the heads up xx

  • Leanne C.

    Ive seen it!! :heart_eyes: i love it lol xz

  • Zara K.

    Haha hell yes look at the triceratops!! Love it :heart_eyes: x

  • Lucy T.

    Forget Ellie i want this!!

  • Mel S.

    It is pretty roarsome

  • Jayson H.

    Yeah would look good in her room x

  • Ami K.

    I'll buy it right now :joy::joy:

  • Emma R.

    He would never sleep “dinosaur roar” with his little roaring hands :joy::joy::joy:

  • Angela L.

    I’ve bought her a t-shirt with a dinosaur and she’s going to have a canary when she sees it!! Lol

  • Amy G.

    I like it for myself lol :joy:

  • Gemma L.

    Oh my goodness! Need this :heart_eyes:

  • Sam M.

    Haha aww it's so pretty !! He would love it lol xxx

  • Sally-Ann M.

    I want this for my bed never mind Eleanor x

  • Sophie S.

    Chelsea got me some like this

  • Steph B.

    I think that one will be my next buy!! Xx

  • Aimee P.

    I genuinely think I need this... :joy:

  • Emma G.

    Oh my days Jennifer would love this :heart_eyes:

  • Michelle V.

    Omg she would love it!! :heart_eyes:

  • Sophie H.

    Omg!! Loveeeee :heart_eyes::joy: xxx

  • Natascha L.

    Oh I wish they had it in super king. I would most definitely purchase

  • Sarah C.

    Omg those are excellent!! :open_mouth: Xx

  • Heather S.

    I need need neeedneeeeeeeeed these xx

  • Kirsty W.

    It's the fact it comes in double and king size. Only down side is I don't see a stegosaurus on them!

  • Jill H.

    That would fit in perfectly with all the other weird crap in my house that scares visitors away :joy:

  • Donna C.

    I think this is a necessity

  • Sarah H.

    Ahh! She’d love that thank you :smile: we’re getting her in to a proper bed soon so that will be perfect :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Emma R.

    Aww wow that’s a pretty one !! X

  • Georgina P.

    I might do

  • Francesca L.

    It’s been in my basket all week

  • Craig F.

    :thumbsup_tone1: she does love a dinosaur

  • Sarah S.

    I looked at this earlier. It’s cute. X

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