Dettol Power And Pure Bathroom Cleaner And Kitchen Wipes Review

The first thing that springs to mind when I hear the word Dettol are scraped knees, band aids, and the smell of the liquid on the flannel just before mum applied it to the cuts and grazes.

Antiseptic is the first word I associate with Dettol. The second is anti-bacterial. I'd never really thought of it as a powerful cleaner before. Had you?

I got two products from Dettols new Power and Pure range to try out. These were the Dettol Power and Pure bathroom spray, and the Power and Pure kitchen wipes.

Dettol is one of those brand names I feel I instinctively trust. Maybe because it didn't sting as much as TCP? Or because it is a name I've known since before I could read? Whatever the reason I have to ask myself it is worth considering their cleaners, instead of my usual stuff. What do you reckon? Read on to find out.

You can buy the range from Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose. Both the wipes and the spray make the same claim about the chemicals used. According to the website, Power and Pure gives a powerful clean without leaving any harsh chemical residue behind, as its Active Oxygen ingredient breaks down to just water and oxygen so there’s no need to rinse afterwards.

What on earth is Active Oxygen? I couldn't seem to find an answer to that on the website. I'm not entirely comfortable about not rinsing off anything related to chemicals, but still there are times when you just need to save time (and energy).

Both products also claim to be able to clean just as well as the leading cleaner with bleach. Again, you have to take Dettol's word on this. There's nothing to substantiate the claim on the website. But knowing there are advertising rules to follow, and that the mentioned leading cleaner with bleach would be hot on their case otherwise, I'm willing to accept that at face value.

And I'm always happier to not have to use bleach!

Dettol Power & Pure Multi Purpose Kitchen Wipes

This last week has been exactly one of those times in our house. First my husband came down with the flu and then my seven year old son. I've been running around looking after everyone, as well as trying to get all my work done.

The Dettol Power & Pure Kitchen Wipes2.05) have been a real help. Flu germs can last quite a long time on surfaces. I'm quite sure that's true - I haven't had time to verify the claim on the website that they can last up to two days. But I do want to make sure I keep all the surfaces as germ free as possible. Fingers crossed, so far I've not succumbed.

It has been really helpful just in general use too. I've been able to just pull out a wipe and clean down the bench top, for example. It has worked just as well at cleaning as a sponge with washing up liquid, and I've not bothered to back over with another cloth either.

I did try it out on the hob of the stove but I won't try that again. It worked but needed a lot of wipes, and a lot of elbow grease. Will stick with my usual spray cleaner there.

As a quick refresher though, I can see the attraction. And it did leave the stove top sparkly.

I'd also go with these if I needed something to do a quick wipe of the tray on a high chair for example, or to wipe a table down before eating. Definitely not a replacement for my usual methods (Method spray cleaners, or my own mix of vinegar and lemon juice) but OH SO VERY handy when you're exhausted!

The wipes were a bit hard on the skin on my hands though, a reminder that they're still a chemical cleaner, even if it does break down etc.

Pros: really convenient, great smell, clean quite well, can be used around food preparation areas

Cons: don't really do anything you can't do with a quick wipe down using your sponge and usual cleaner

Overall verdict: 10/10 I know I've listed cons for this, but honestly, when you've got little ones throwing up everywhere and a big one to look after either, you'll really appreciate having had these in your cleaning cupboard.

Dettol Power And Pure Bathroom Spray

The Dettol Power & Pure Bathroom Spray2.99) is priced at pretty much the same price as the usual bathroom cleaner I get. It claims to clean just as well, at all the usual stuff like soap scum.

And it did. I probably don't sound too enthusiastic here! But it did cut right through things, and in our house there always seems to be soap caked onto the soap dish. This lifted right off, really easily.

In fact everything cleaned with a wipe, easily. And I was pleased with the result. Except for the bath, but our old cast iron bath is probably always going to need a stronger cleaner.

It smells great, and it seems to last a long time too. Longer than the usual cleaner I get. I'm not sure why - perhaps the squirter is set to squirt out less? But overall, I think it works out to fairly good value for money.

Pros: great smell, lasts a long time, cleans just as well as other brands

Cons: not so great on the bath

Overall verdict: 9/10


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