Dealtastic Promotional Code: 5% Off For Life

Dealtastic Promotional Code: 5% Off For Life

Dealtastic promotional codeUse this Dealtastic promotional code to get 5% off, for life. By which, I presume, it means there's no expiry date on the code or limit on how many times you can use it.

Click here to use your 5% Dealtastic promotional code

  • Discount: 5%
  • Promotional code: 5LIFE
  • Expires: never

Normally we wouldn't publish a discount code as low as 5%, but this one is handy to have as it doesn't expire. If you can't find any other codes when buying from the site in the future, you'll always be able to knock another 5% off the price.

You can either just use the code above or click on the link and get your own code. Just scroll down the page and sign up for the newsletter. However, you don't have to. This is a generic code. When I signed up I got the code 5LIFE. As did emmajk42, who posted this code over at our sister site HUKD.

Thanks to emmajk42 at HUKD!


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    Hello Lynley and all the lovely peeps at playpennies! Thank you for finding the time to spread the good word that is quite right this is a never ending 5% discount code..and hope that people do sign up to our newsletter we do our best to reward anyone who wants our newsletter or follow us on do also hear about deals first in your inbox, and special give aways and so much more.. Have a great easter :D