Huge Reductions on Laundry Detergents And Fabric Conditioners In-Store @ Selected Branches Of Asda

Asda Lotus Blue

In our house I'm literally never on top of the washing, so I'm absurdly excited to hear that Asda has an amazing in-store offer on various brands of fabric conditioner and laundry detergent right now.

You need to move fast to nab these though - we're hearing that they're flying off the shelves all over the country, and savvy shoppers are cleaning up. (Sorry... dodgy pun intended.)

We've no way of knowing which stores are doing these deals but judging by how many of you have been in touch to tell us all about it, we reckon it looks as if it's a nationwide clearance.

Items on offer include Asda Lotus Blue fabric conditioner (40p), as well as Red Poppy & Patchouli (40p) and Exotic Orchid & Clove (50p) fragrances, too. The bottles on sale are the 750ml ones containing enough detergent for 21 washes.

Ariel washing tabs (£1.12 for 12) and Persil washing tabs (£1.71 for 20) also seem to be seriously reduced.

All in all, it's worth cruising over to your local Asda store now. Would you grab me a cold bottle of wine and some Doritos while you're there?

With thanks to julesj74 and BIG BAD BILL @HUKD.

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