Cookworks 3.5L Slow Cooker £11.99 @ Argos

Now look, if you haven't taken my advice and bought yourself one of the slow cookers I've been waxing lyrical about, for at least the last two years, because they're around the £30 - £40 mark, then perhaps this one will be more suitable for you - it's a 3.5 litre, white, Cookworks slow cooker and it's on sale at Argos for £11.99, rather than its usual £17.99.

Eleven pounds and ninety nine pence - you cannot tell me you can't afford a slow cooker for 12 quid!  And if you really can't find a tenner, plus two pound coins, then I suggest you beg, borrow or steal it (not really steal it, obviously; that would be bad!) so you can grab one.

Honestly, they're one of the most fabulous time-saving and money-saving bits of kitchen kit on the planet: you can just bung everything in it in the morning, switch it on, leave it and come home to amazingly tender and tasty food.

Because it cooks everything so slowly, you can turn cheaper cuts of meat into super scrummy dinners - what would usually turn out tough and impossibly chewy, becomes melt-in-the-mouth YUM!  Can you tell I'm a slow cooker fan?!

It features a removable ceramic bowl - which makes it nice and easy to wash and keep clean - and three temperature settings.  GET ONE, your winter cooking will never be arduous again.

Thanks to Subotai4 at HUKD

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