Comfort Fabric Conditioner 85 Wash 3L From £3.20 @ Amazon

When you Subscribe and Save & grab the voucher!
Comfort Fabric Conditioner 85 Wash 3L From £3.20 @ Amazon

We're all looking for ways to save cash where we can right now which is why this Comfort Sunshine Fabric Conditioner caught my eye this morning. 3L and 85 washes, it's just £3.20 when you subscribe and save and tick the 10% off voucher! Plus there's the usual free delivery too - saves me carrying it home from the supermarket too.The Comfort Blue Skies has just dropped in price too and that's £3.80 on S&S.

Comfort Sunshine Fabric Conditioner 85 Wash 3L

  • It’s a Sunshiny days fabric conditioner provides clothes with a fresh smell, exceptional softness and a fantastic fragrance
  • 100% longer lasting freshness
  • Protects clothes against unwanted odours with long-lasting odour protection
  • Softens fabric fibres to leave clothes feeling soft and gentle on your skin
  • Regular use promotes fast drying clothes and makes your clothes easier to iron use with your favourite laundry detergent versus concentrated
  • Delivery is fast and free with prime.


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