Colour Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp @ Firebox

An ideal Mother's Day present
Colour Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp @ Firebox

I have been contemplating purchasing a Salt Lamp for a while now and after seeing this beautiful Colour Changing Himalayan Salt Lamp from Firebox I am definitely ordering!

Feeling like you've been put through the mill? Struggling with the daily grind? This Colour Changing Salt Lamp might just be the missing piece in your mindfulness puzzle.

Salt Lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions in the air. This is a good thing because modern day pollution and electrical equipment creates positive ions in the air which are potentially harmful to us and cause air quality in areas affected to deteriorate.

This salt lamp is made from real Himalayan salt crystals and has warm LED lights which smoothly transition between colours. It has a warm ambient glow and switches between soft pink, blue and calming colours.

This Salt Lamp is USB powered so you can enjoy the salty glowy vibes anywhere!

This might just make a wonderful Mother's Day present and at £24.99 from Firebox I am sure it is going to become a bestseller.

Home delivery is £3.99 and becomes free when you spend £40 or more.


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