Cinema LED Lightbox Just £7.99 + Free C&C @ Home Bargains

Cinema LED Lightbox £7.99

Have you seen the latest trend for the LED Lightboxes? I have one and I love it! My daughter loves helping me write messages on there and we spell out all the words together to encourage her letter recognition.

Everyone who visits always asks me where I got one from. I paid around £30 for mine when they first came out, I was desperate to get my hands on one!

If only I had waited I could have bagged myself an absolute bargain as you can now get a Cinema LED Lightbox with letters for just £7.99 over at Home Bargains!

I am definitely going to grab one of these lightboxes too, they are too much of a bargain to leave! I have wanted another for my daughter's bedroom so she can write her own messages.

Included in this set is a simple black and white cinema style lightbox. When you put batteries in, it lights up and enables you to add your own personalised message on the front.

You also get 85 changeable letters and symbols included which you can slide onto the lightbox. It is great to use as a lamp in the evenings or for a party. My sister has bought one to use at her wedding, they will fit in with every theme and looks so cool!

The lightbox is wall mountable or can be used free standing too. I paid £9.99 just for an extra set of characters so this really is a fantastic price.

You can Click and Collect your LED Lightbox for FREE from your local Home Bargains store or have it delivered to your home, charges start from £0.50 depending on the size of the item. The price will be calculated for you at the checkout.

Don't forget to look instore too if this lightbox sells out online.

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  • Claire T.

    Omg love it

  • Danielle C.

    Does anyone have one? Are they good enough quality as a present??? X

    • Leah W.

      Yes, they work brilliantly!

  • Angela D.

    That's me ordered it :thumbsup: prob sound right daft here but do the letters got all of them? Seen packs on eBay Just wasn't sure if they were a standard size? X

  • Emily C.

    Ooo I like this!

  • Charlene H.

    Perfect for photo shoots

  • Angela D.

    Excellent thanks Mrs xx

  • Emma R.

    Ohhh thank you :blush:xx

  • Rebecca T.

    Ohhhhhh ... that's cute xx

  • Emily I.

    I like this

  • Teri L.

    OMG I was just looking at these on Ebay last night! This is way cheaper though!!

    • Jane N.

      I've got two of these just bought them a week or two ago from new look X

  • Andrew P.

    we should get one for that price! Xx

  • Carys R.

    Getting it! x

  • Keeley M.

    Oooh bargain.. wonder how long the batteries last . At least you can put it anywhere with batteries :blush:

  • Lindsay P.

    Oh yes I want one :smiley:

  • Katie C.

    I ordered one, hope its not too small.

  • Jo L.

    Fab, thank you! Just ordered one!

  • Shannon D.


  • Ellen G.

    Fabulous xx

  • Emma D.

    That looks like a good idea :)

  • Lee-Ann R.


  • Jon A.


  • Laura A.

    Brill thanks xxx

  • Amanda C.

    Ahh brilliant thanks :purple_heart: xx

  • Angela D.

    This is awesome ... xxx

  • Nicola W.

    Thank you xxx

  • Ashley B.

    I want one of these

  • Pamela M.

    Oh yeah that's the best price I've seen yet! X

  • Serina M.

    Awesome, yeah we've been looking for one that's so cheap lol!

  • Dani S.

    Out of stock :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

  • Sara T.

    In homebargains stores I got one yest x

  • Louise J.

    Out of stock online but plenty in stores

  • Aynslie E.

    Brilliant, thanks babe xx

  • SF K.

    Plenty of them in store in Banbridge yesterday

  • Vicci J.

    I saw it the other day! We bought too soon!!! Xxx

  • Katie D.

    You beat me to it! I want another for oliver room :wink:

  • Jo R.

    Ordered it yesterday!! :laughing:

  • Leeanne S.

    Yeah that's what I want lol x

  • Emma S.

    Out of stock already! :rage:

    • Tara S.

      Got them in the works for £10 xx

    • Emma S.

      Apparently they're still in store so I'll check the one near me! Xxx

  • Julie T.

    Anybody know what size these are a5? A4?

  • Louise Q.

    Yeah got one last week for one of the girls but was going to get more for Christmas. This one is cheaper thanks! :blush: xx

  • Victoria R.

    Ooooooo miss mol would love x

  • Joanna O.

    Where did you get the extra characters from? I bought mine from Next as seemed the only one available with hearts, stars and emoji symbols - but when it arrived there were none! I've emailed them about it and they said it doesn't come with those! Have told them it's false advertising but I'm fuming! I wanted the symbols the most!

    • Amy E.

      Just a thought but you could make your own using clear acetate and sharpies or even printable acetate xxx

    • Laura G.

      I got one from Matalan and there was a clear bag inside with extra letters x

    • Michele B.

      I got mine from next and it had hearts, stars and a few other symbols

    • Joanna O.

      Yes Michele Buy I seen the picture online so ordered it - they reckon that it doesn't come with them, which I am arguing that it should and want to know what they propose to do to rectify it! Bloody swines.... :joy:

    • Liz M.

      Mine from one next has no hearts, stars, # .etc in it either .

    • Joanna O.

      Liz Mallaburn fuming! It was clearly advertised showing the other symbols - can I ask, did you get a load of blank tiles too?

  • Donna N.

    New look sell the small ones for £12.99. I've got one for abbys stocking x

  • Louise Q.

    They're good for any age! I got one for anna's 14th last week. Yesterday it said 'I hate Mondays' on it lol x

  • Jessica M.

    Omg for £7.99!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

  • Lynsey P.

    Cheers we got one now. With emojis and stuff with it xx

  • Katie W.

    Oh my Thankyou :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: xxxxxx

  • Rachel B.

    Online says out of stock never seen before would shops have them?

    • Rebekah R.

      Amazon are selling them at the moment but for £18

    • Jessica B.

      I got mine from Rymans stationary £12.49

  • Mandy C.

    out of stock in home bargins

  • Caroline L.

    Already out of stock :sob:

  • Emma W.

    Out of stock already - got 1 but want one for me :joy::kissing_heart: thanks Hun x

  • Mhairi P.

    if they're out of stock online then you can check in either of the stores here an hopefully they have them! Xxxxxxx

  • Michelle D.

    It is wot it is. :joy: U get letters to write diff things out.

  • Zoe M.

    Thanks Hun, ordered one at the weekend - can't wait for it to arrive - it's the small things :joy::grinning::smiley:

  • Allison C.

    I got one for my son at my local semi chem

  • Samantha N.

    The original factory shop sell these

  • Nicola K.

    :tada::tada:It's back in stock :tada::tada:

  • Carla M.

    Just ordered one....seems to be back in stock now!

  • Jasmin W.

    Yeah already looked sold out!

  • Anna N.

    Thank you so much just ordered one for free home delivery. Been wanting one for ages x

  • Stephanie D.

    Ordered one this morning. Xx

  • Sally H.

    You can find them on Amazon. I got one ladt year x

  • Kelly M.

    Do they also come with numbers?

  • Sonia M.

    Okay thanks argos have them aswel but out of stock :persevere: xx

  • Emma S.

    Yeah if you can find them! There's one near me I'm going to look. Xxx

  • Sarah-jane L.

    Home bargains have them for £7.99 in store

  • Kathleen F.

    Dixons Department Store Whitehaven have these....

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