Chad Valley Castle Storage Play Tables £31.94 Delivered @ Argos

Castle Storage Play Table £24.99

I have had my eye on one of these Chad Valley Storage Play Tables for a long time, and now they have been reduced to the best price I have ever seen them! Argos were charging £59.99 - £69.99 and they have never been as low as the £24.99 they are charging now!

These are really large bits of furniture, so make sure you have the room for this whopper! It gives a play surface, decorated with a pretty pink princess castle plus large storage drawers underneath so that all the toys can be tidied away when they are not being played with. How amazing would this be for playtime?!

They are a large 104 cm wide and 75cm deep so that's a really big area to play on and it should hold a lot of toys in the drawers too.

These are home delivery only items due to their large size, so delivery will be an extra £6.95 but that still makes this a great buy. Stock levels look really good in all the areas I have checked so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting hold of this brilliant storage play table.

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  • Tracey S.

    Wow this looks amazing!! X

  • Opal B.

    That's class x

  • Jo Y.

    , this would be great for the new house!

  • Krystal K.

    Ordered :)

  • Lesley A.

    which I had to space for this

  • Ashley M.

    How long will this offer go on x

  • Lucy S.

    Omg xx

  • Lucy S.

    How do I order one trying to see if they have it in stock xx

  • Alanna F.

    That's brill. Wish I had space xxx

  • Amy C.

    this is a great price! Xx

  • Claire H.

    Plenty of storage aswel. :thumbsup: looks class.

  • Vanessa A.

    I'll look now x

  • Jay K.

    It's a home delivery item only

  • Lucy S.

    Thank u xx

  • Louise A.

    What's the delivery cost?

  • Louise A.

    That's not too bad!

  • Rhona R.

    Out of stock :disappointed_relieved:

  • Sue S.

    Wow X

  • Leanne R.

    Perfect! Thanks. Just ordered one. It'll be here on thursday.

  • Julie M.

    Its saying out of stock for delivery but try adding to your trolley and then try checking out !! Worked for me!

    • Joan L.

      Thanks a million it worked.

  • Alastair A.

    Thats good :)

  • Nicola B.


  • Joss H.

    We need this

  • Laura S.

    this looks awesome x

  • Stacey B.

    Delighted managed to order it!! Last year I missed the offer! Xxxxx

  • Karen N.

    That looks good :smiley:

  • Carla S.

    Ordered cheers x

  • Dawn_marissa

    it was out of stock for my area when I checked first time. Went back again and it said it'd be in stock for delivery in 25 days, so I ordered it. Thank you. 

  • Alan B.

    That's awesome. Where do u get them from?xx

  • Patricia F.

    This is great as a Lego table, I bought one last year for my daughter and she loves it

  • Alison G.

    That looks fab xx

  • Tracey S.

    Ordered both :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: xx

  • Nicola D.

    I really want this but I have no space

    • Yvonne M.

      Me 2 but have no room either lol.....

  • Helen M.

    It's £37 or £39 as delivery is necessary.

  • Gemma P.

    Wow that's a bargain! Wish we had a playroom xx

  • Laura D.

    weren't you looking for a play box? X

    • Lucy A.

      I have got something sorted now thanks poppet xx

  • Natalie P.

    I have one. It's great! Easy to put together. Nice long low drawers so easy for them to Hunt for their toys

    • Terri R.

      Is it good quality ? X

    • Natalie P.

      Yes I've found it very strong. When you first get it out the box you grown at all the bits but it was really quick to put together as it was so simple. The rattan lounger that I bought at the same time & was partially build took way longer. I paid £30 for mine. I wanted the boys style one but out of stock & have bought chalkboard paint to paint over but haven't painted yet as it gets used daily. It is big though!

    • Natalie S.

      Ah tried loading a pic but can't do it

  • Paula J.

    Any good for Daisy's play room xx

  • Rebecca G.

    ordered one side couple of days ago for my daughters birthday. u cnt even find em cheaper on ebay x

  • Lucie T.

    this would be perfect for Olivia. Xx

  • Josie M.

    Gg would love this x

  • Sarah C.

    could change the picture pretty easily! xx

    • Allie R.

      Is this the same size as yours ?

    • Sarah C.

      Yup! X

  • Janine R.

    - this is what we got. X

  • Marianne D.

    Do u want this then?

  • Carol T.

    Another one girls Xcx

  • Nyssa C.

    Super cute for Mada's room, x

  • Jessica M.

    Buy it :joy:

  • Patricia C.

    this is table I was talking about.

  • Lisa H.

    Wish I had space 4 it lol

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