Boy Of Twelve Runs Away... To Ikea!


Most kids threaten to run away from home at one point in their childhood; but a Chinese school boy took that idle threat one step further and kipped in a local branch of IKEA after he left home over a row with his mum about his homework.

It might sound like the opening line of a joke, but I kid you not. 

The Daily Mail reports:

"Peng Yijian, from Shanghai in China, was sent home from school last Monday morning after his mother received a phone call by a teacher saying that he hadn’t done his maths assignment. But the 12-year-old ran away from his Binnan Road home about 12.15pm following an argument with his mother, known as Liu."

The mother told the press that free food samples from supermarkets were all that kept the runaway going during his absence from home, and upon being found by police the boy was taken to hospital and hooked up to an IV drip.

Apparently the little boy had run away before, but never for such a long time.

I mean, can you even imagine something like this?! For starters I'm not sure whether to be impressed at the kid's resourcefulness or horrified that a child could sleep in a shop for the best part of a week without anybody noticing. It surely beggars belief.

But it reminds me of this crazy story about a 10 year old boy who hid in his shed for 12 hours, sparking a massive police hunt, all because he didn't want to go to school. Frankly I can't believe the shed wasn't the first place they looked.

But go on, tell us - did you ever run away from home as a kid or - God forbid - has your child ever vowed to leave home? And if so, how far did they get?

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