Bosch Tassimo T12 Vivy TAS1202GB Hot Drinks & Coffee Machine £35 @ Amazon/Tesco

Bosch Tassimo T12 Vivy TAS1202GB Hot Drinks & Coffee Machine £35 @ Amazon/Tesco


Tassimo coffee machines have never been more popular, so when we found this particular model for just £35 at Amazon and Tesco we just HAD  to share. If you have been looking for a coffee pod machine and have been wondering which one to buy then Tassimo is certainly one of the more affordable options, when factoring in the price of machine and pods. What is really exciting is that this particular Bosch Tassimo T12 Vivy TAS1202GB machine can actually be had for the monetary equivalent of £17.50 at Tesco Direct, as it is included in Clubcard Boost. If you don't have points then you might want to consider Amazon with their FREE postage.

Confession time! I have this particular coffee machine and I paid £50 for it, thinking that was a great price. It certainly gets used in this house, I tell you. Whether it's when we have guests or just my morning eye opener, it is used daily. The pods can be picked up in most supermarkets, even the smaller ones, plus they are nearly ALWAYS on offer.

This machine has a water capacity of 700ml which is enough for a few cups or several espressos. It knows what temperature, amount of water and brew time each different drink type needs.

To save on £3 postage charge at Tesco Direct, you can click and collect for FREE or just order it from Amazon, and they will deliver it for FREE. Don't forget to check how many Clubcard points you have though, as this could work out an even better bargain!

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