Beard Shaving Apron £2.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: BeToper

Beard Shaving Apron £2.99 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: BeToper

I think this may just be one of the best things to ever be created! My beard-trimming husband will be getting one of these from me this Valentine's Day, that's for sure!

The Beard Shaving Apron is a godsend if, like myself, you are fed up of having to hoover your mirror and sink to clean up after your other half has trimmed his beard!

This beard apron features super strong suction pads that will attach to a mirror, ready to catch the 'trimmings' as you groom your beard, rather than end up on the floor. You will find two suction cups and an apron in your set.

The beard apron is super easy to use, just attach the velcro around your neck and the suction cups to the wall and any hair will be caught in the apron rather than collecting on the floor.

It is waterproof and is easy to clean and dry. For just £2.99 including free delivery you can choose either a black or white apron. Delivery is from China so may take a little longer than normal.


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  • Emma B.

    If a man can't be bothered to rinse the sink after a shave, is he really going to get this out, use it, then dispose of the face pubes without getting them all over the floor?

    • Scott I.

      Exactly what i was

      • Mick D.

        Too true

        • Emma E.

          I bought one of these and to truly answer your question, no he won't use it he says he always cleans the sink after him...aye down the plug hole so the sink clogs then I have to clean it anyway :rage: I'm gonna choke him with it :joy:

        • Victoria T.

          My husband still wouldn't use this as it would still be to much trouble to attach the suction pad to the the wall in the morning. He knows when he comes home it will be gone so why charge?! :pensive:

          • Gordon C.

            I'll just not shower or shave at all

            • Dave S.

              And a solution for hair grips

              • Jennie T.

                I boughty husband one and he still forgets to use it!