Bake-A-Brick Cake Mould £3.49 @ Play

This Bake-a-Brick silicone cake mould has me chuckling away at my desk; I have a friend with a birthday coming up in three months time and it would make the perfect comedy birthday gift for.  I think kids would love it to - a brick cake, how BONKERS!

So my friend - she loves to potter about in the kitchen and bake cakes, cookies and other scrummy things. The thing IS, despite her best intentions and best effort, she's fairly rubbish when it comes to most things culinary.

Seriously, you can see fear flash across people's faces when she announces she'll be cooking when they're going to hers for dinner or offers to make cakes for an event - still, at least she keeps trying to improve and refuses to give up <----- although please let that happen soon hahaha!

Some of her past creations are still the subject of great hilarity and provide an endless source of teasing - I'll be sending this Bake-a-Brick silicone cake mould to her in the post so don't worry,  I'm not in danger of having it hurled at me upon opening!

I think it's awesome and it even has the word 'London' stamped into the inside brick bit (you know the bit I mean - the V that you slop the cement into) for that extra bit of brick authenticity.

The full price for this Bake-a-Brick silicone cake mould is £8.99, but you can pick one up from Play for £3.49 at the moment.

Thanks to Syzable at HUKD

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