Animal Laundry Baskets £20 @ Argos

These will sell out!
Animal Laundry Baskets £20 @ Argos

You've got to love a rummage in the Argos Clearance section. Look what I found... the cutest laundry baskets around - animal ones. They're down to just £20 each, which is much cheaper than the £30+ you'd pay for similar elsewhere.

Animal Laundry Basket

With these fun animal laundry baskets from Argos, you stand a chance of the kids actually using them to put their dirty washing in.

There's a dinosaur*, shark, unicorn* and cat*. Availability is pretty good on most of them, bar the dinosaur which is very limited - but there is stock dotted around the UK.

They are made from sturdy paper rope and are great for storing toys, or for using as a laundry basket.

Click and Collect is available for free from an Argos store near you, or pay £3.95 for Home Delivery.


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