Ambiano 50L Portable Drinks Fridge £179.99 (+ £4 Delivery) @ Aldi

19 May 2017
Ambiano 50L Portable Drinks Fridge £179.99

There are some things I come across and think I NEED this in my life. The Ambiano 50L Portable Drinks Fridge from Aldi is most certainly one of these things. It looks like the ultimate party accessory. It's an online exclusive at £179.99, so you won't see them in store.

The Ambiano 50L Portable Drinks Fridge is on pre-order just now so the earliest you can receive it is the 25th May. That's not too long to wait - as long as you have it for Barbecue season, right?!

It's designed with entertaining in mind - with a double hinged lid for easy access, two side shelves and hanging baskets.

You can control the temperature from 0-16°C.

This baby can hold a whopping 21 bottles of wine! That's pretty impressive.

It's on wheels so you can move it about, although it is intended for indoor use only.

As this is a LARGE item, Aldi charge £4 for delivery.

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  • Stacey L.

    need this for the caravan

  • Sarah W.

    Oooooo yesssss I need this xx

    • Sarah W.

      I'm not paying £179 for it :joy: xx

  • Sarah N.

    Just seen the price :see_no_evil: maybe not :joy: xx

  • Kath M.

    I need that for my bed lol x

  • Chrissie G.

    Friday winedays :laughing::laughing: x

  • Lou P.

    Oh yes!!!!!!! We need this!! :joy:

  • Jessica L.

    It's not that pricey..... x

  • Kirsty B.

    :joy: I got to get me one :joy: x

  • Donna P.

    Got excited then till I see the price !! :scream::scream:

  • Mirella S.

    I'd be tempted if it wasn't so pricey x

  • Rachel D.

    Ace! This would set our bbqs off a treat!

  • Rafa F.

    Looks aright don't it lol

  • Sophie M.

    OMG!! Your so right. I do!!! :heart_eyes: needed for next girls night in the garden lol xx

  • Chelsea W.

    Would be a perfect asset to the hot tub! lol x

  • Frances H.

    Yes we need that!! :grin::grin:

  • Leah M.

    I love this page already...first post I've seen lol

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