Adventura Kids' Sleeping Bags £5.99 Delivered @ eBay Store: Halfords

Adventura Kids' Sleeping Bags £5.99 Del

Do your kids like camping or having sleepovers? If so, you might want to grab them an Adventura Kids' Sleeping Bag from the Halfords Outlet on eBay. They have reduced them from £18 each down to just £3. Delivery is £2.99, so all-in-all you pay £5.99 for it delivered.

The Adevntura Kids' Sleeping Bags come in a choice of two designs: a Pirate or a Princess.

It's made so that it looks like your child has the body of a Pirate as they lay down inside.

The Princess one is bright pink, with a cute crown design on it.

Sleeping bags like this aren't the best in cold weather camping but are fine for a summer's night in the garden or for when their pals come over to sleepover.

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  • Alison W.

    Christmas presents!

  • Kelly S.

    birthday or Christmas? Xx

  • Robert C.

    There great

  • Crissy B.

    Just ordered one for our camping trip.. Though not sure it will be on time. Got delivered to store and it's free

    • Kerry G.


    • Emma W.

      Love them :blush:

  • Rob P.

    cool x

  • Kerry P.

    £5.99 delivered....... Little bday filler or stocking filler?! x

  • Julie S.

    What ages are these suitable for please?

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