9l Maslin Pan For Making Jams And Chutneys £18.74 @ Amazon

maslinPan I'm VERY excited about this 9l maslin pan on sale at Amazon for £18.74, instead of £49.95.

I've entered a homely, domestic phase!

I can think of nothing I'd rather do than pamper my husband and be busy (in between all the usual work busyness!) in the kitchen making things; this is NOT my usual behaviour.

I made the Christmas cake last week and will be pouring brandy on it, every Wednesday, between now and early December.  NOW, I want to make all sorts of festive chutneys to eat with all the left over cold Christmas meat.

And I want to make JAM; to eat with home-made scones, of course!

I've never made jam in my life (I've never made my own Christmas cake either - I'll let you know how it tastes in 11 weeks or so!) and there's so much fruit around at the moment thanks to the very cold winter, warm spring and wet summer we've had, that apparently, this is a great jam-making season.

SO, I beetled off to find out what equipment I needed and, in the process stumbled across this absolute BARGAIN of a maslin pan.

It has an encapsulated base which is important, apparently, because it provides an even heat distribution when cooking.

It also includes a useful measuring gauge for measuring ingredients and liquids and has a handy pouring spout, sturdy carry handle with easy pour helper handle; awesome.

By all accounts, this sort of thing is rarely cheap so if you're tempted to have a bash at making your own preserves you should order one sooner rather than later.

I've ordered mine!

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  • Emma K.
    Thanks! My mum loves making jam but she just uses her kitchen pots. I am going to get her this to see if it is any good.
  • Luschka O.
    Oooh. Let us know what she thinks. I love spring for the fresh new dandelions to make jam from. yum yum!
  • Sarah M.
    Dandelion jam...? You're kidding, really?!! Tell us more!
  • jturn75
    Hiya, when I follow the link above it takes me to the jam pan on Amazon but the price is £29.70. Is the deal over?
  • emmajk42
    Hi jturn75, yes. Sorry, it has finished!
  • LuschkaPP
    @ Sarah, Dandelion Jam is FANTASTIC. As are Dandelion Pesto, which I actually crave sometimes, and a fun snack - Dandelion fritters. Yum... getting hungry now!
  • emmajk42
    Received mine yesterday, looks pretty good. Will get my mum to make use of it and get her opinion as a seasoned jam maker.
  • LynleyOram
    if they all came with a mum to make the jam I would buy one too.

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