67% Off Aura Glow LED Motion-Activated Toilet Night Lights £5.99 @ Groupon

67% Off Aura Glow LED Motion-Activated Toilet Night Lights £5.99 @ Groupon

Does your little one frequently use the toilet in the night. I don't know about my little one but myself and my husband tend to wake up in a sleepy haze and need the loo! We don't put the light on as we don't want to disturb the dog and our little one so we creep around in the dark.

I am definitely getting one of these LED Motion-Activated Toilet Night Lights that lights up to show you where the loo is!

This fab colour changing night light fits easily onto the edge of most toilets. It creates a light that is motion activated at night to help you find where the toilet is without switching on the light.

They are available at Groupon for just £5.99 instead of the regular price of £14.99 from Aura Glow. However if you were to purchase two you would pay £10.99 or three for just £14.99.

They have five different brightness levels and are easy to remove and clean. They require 3 AAA batteries which are not included.

Home delivery is £1.99.


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  • Lynni A.

    i love this :joy::joy::joy:

    • Lesleyann M.

      Snap x we sooooo need to get these xx

      • Lynni A.

        How awesome would going to the loo be lol x

        • Lesleyann M.

          Party in the toilet mate xx

          • Lynni A.

            Haha not like us x

          • Kate C.

            definitely up your street

            • Paul C.

              Love it. Have just ordered one

              • Siobhan H.

                I have one, they are cool

                • Michaela M.

                  It would be lit all night the amount of trips I take in the night at the moment to wee :joy::joy::see_no_evil:

                  • Jasoni P.

                    I've ordered the red one :sweat_drops::toilet::red_circle:

                    • Wheres W.

                      I have one of these :grin::innocent:

                      • Melissa A.

                        Thought u might but thought I'd tag u

                        • Wheres W.

                          It's cuz u know it's so like to either have one or want one.haha

                          • Paul C.

                            Yes really. Why not.just bought one of those sun loungers as well

                            • Lindsay A.

                              I'm ahead of the trend!! Aren't you lucky :)

                              • Denise W.

                                :joy::joy::joy::joy: oh that's just a little too much!!! :joy::joy: xxx

                                • Natalie W.

                                  I thought it would add a lovely touch to the bathroom :joy:

                                  • Denise W.


                                  • David H.

                                    They should change colour to suit your mood.Green for when you are throwing up