6 Piece Plastic Canister Set £7.59 @ Argos

25 June 2010

plastic I wonder if plastic containers disappear or lose their lids in your house as readily as they do in mine...?

Lids to plastic containers are like odd socks coming out of the wash in my house! I'd LOVE to know where all of them have gone over the years; is there lost lid shelter where all of the lost lids go?

Even more baffling is when the actual container goes missing but the lid is left behind! Granted they can most often be found under The Teenagers beds or in the very back of their wardrobes, but what about all the others?!

So whenever half price deals on this sort of thing crops up I tend to be first in the queue to take full advantage of them.  Argos have reduced this 6-piece Cookworks set by more than 50%, bringing it down to a very palatable £7.59 instead of £18.99!

They're clear so there's no more guessing as to what's inside them, according to one reviewer the lid seal is excellent and they come with a manufacturer's five year guarantee; these are the sizes:

  • 2 litre size (H)14.7, (W)9.2, (D)22.3cm
  • 1.5 litre size (H)14.7, (W)9.2, (D)17cm
  • 1 litre size (H)14.7, (W)9.2, (D)11.5cm
  • 3 x 425ml size each (H)14.7, (W)9.2, (D)5.8cm

All the usual Argos delivery blurb applies - either reserve and collect or get robbed for delivery.

Thanks to taswir1 over at HUKD!

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