40% Off Bath Caddy With Wine Glass Holders, Book Holder & Candle Holder £11.99 @ Groupon

40% Off Bath Caddy With Wine Glass Holders, Book Holder & Candle Holder £11.99 @ Groupon

Oh My Days! I have never needed something more in my life! How amazing does this Bath Caddy look?!

It's not your average bath caddy, oh no, it has built in wine glass holders, candle holder and a book holder!

This is the perfect accessory to a well deserved, relaxing soak in the bath. The bath caddy is a metal rack which sits across your bath tub so that everything is within arms reach.

There is a candle holder so you can light your favourite, relaxing scent while you unwind. A built in book stand with an adjustable tilt so you can catch up on your favourite book. And the best part is it also has two built in wine glass holders so you can truly kick back and relax! All of these features are detachable too.

The best part is there is currently 40% off the £19.99 retail price, meaning this fab bath caddy can be yours for just £11.99 at Groupon. What a fantastic gift this would make!

Home delivery is £1.99 extra.


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  • Sandy C.

    Neeeeeeeed. Don't care about the book tbh. Wineeeeee

    • Kayleigh M.

      maybe I need this for my next bath! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

      • Jasmin L.

        Don't think it'd be a bad idea! :joy:

        • Kimberley S.


          • Kayleigh M.

            Yeah least I can snack while I'm waiting for my rescue :joy::joy::joy:

            • Kimberley S.

              Should invest in a heated bath so the water doesn't go cold :joy::joy: xxx

              • Jasmin L.

                Heated bubble bath! :ok_hand_tone1:

                • Kayleigh M.

                  or just not get in the bath when pretty much a cripple :joy::joy::joy: xx

                  • Kayleigh M.

                    but I'll dragons den the other ideas :ok_hand::ok_hand: sounds ace! zx

                  • Jamie-Leigh M.

                    someone get me this for my crisps :joy::joy:

                    • Carla S.

                      Perfect!! Have you seen the wooden ones going about xx

                      • Jean H.

                        Here ya go for ya long baths x

                        • Johannah B.

                          Much better than a variety of plastic bath toys!

                          • Rachael E.

                            Like I need an excuse to stay in the bath longer haha xx

                            • Sophia F.

                              Omg i need this ! :ok_hand_tone2:

                              • Kaylee C.

                                Birthday birthday birthday xXx

                                • Sophie S.

                                  Careful you don't set your hair on fire :fire:!!! I want one for snacks too. Lush

                                  • Helen B.

                                    Oh My... Perfect :blush: Takes me back...my nan used to have something really similar to this over her bath...not for wine though :joy: Just for soap, her back brush & foot stone thingy :see_no_evil: xx

                                    • Carla H.

                                      Yes although the wooden one looked better

                                      • Fran Y.

                                        We just used them for soap and flannels back in the 70's lol x

                                      • Stacey T.

                                        Had it for over a year :joy::joy: x

                                        • Sarah B.

                                          Can I trade the wine for snacks ?? X I do love reading :book: .... x

                                          • Kara B.

                                            I need this in my life!!xx

                                            • Laura-Ann M.

                                              Oh my gosh!!! I need this in my life! :joy:

                                              • Mandy F.

                                                I need one of these wonder if u still get them x

                                                • Michael G.

                                                  My mum used to have one of these back in the day and it wasn't for that purpose lol

                                                  • Hannah S.

                                                    Heaven for 5 minutes ha xx