40 LED Moroccan Balls Fairy Lights £11.68 @ Amazon

Brighten up your home or garden
40 LED Moroccan Balls Fairy Lights £11.68 @ Amazon

Looking for more lights for your garden? This pretty set of 40 LED Moroccan Balls Fairy Lights is just £11.68 at Amazon, and will bring a bit of sparkle wherever you put them.

These are battery operated lights, so there's no plug needed, and you get a set of 40 of these pretty silver globe shaped lights on the string. You can switch between two lighting modes, so they can be left continuously on, or set to flashing mode.

The item name mentions that they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, though I'd be tempted to pop these outside for an occasion in the garden rather than leave them out there permanently, just so that they have a longer life not exposed to all weathers.

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