3 Extra Large Vacuum Storage Bags £7 @ LyncMeUp

LyncMeUp are offering three extra large vacuum storage bags for £7, instead of their usual full price of £16.99, and you have until midnight on Monday 8 October to take advantage of it.

I can't believe I haven't extolled the merits of vacuum storage bags, here on PlayPennies, before (I had to go back and search through my posts archive, just to make sure!); how very remiss of me!

Vacuum storage bags, of any size, should be among the 'most fabulous inventions of the modern age' as far as I'm concerned; if you don't have any, and you have things you need to pack or store, then you really should invest in some - once you've vacuum packed you'll never look back.

I've recently had need to transport a king sized duvet, along with a complete bedding set, across to the other side of the world; after packing it into an extra large vacuum storage bag, sucking the air out with the hose of my vacuum cleaner, I had NO trouble fitting it into one of my suitcases and still had room for the ton of everything else I needed to pack.

Aside from international duvet transportation, I've used vacuum storage bags for my winter clothes when it was summer and vice versa - you could always guarantee the weather would change, the moment I'd packed everything away.

These extra large vacuum storage bags measure 90 x 130cm and you can order as many as you like; postage will cost you an additional £2.95 and delivery will take between five and seven working days.

Happy vacuum storing!

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