Swizzels Chew Crew 180g From 85p @ Amazon

Get those Halloween treats bought!
Swizzels Chew Crew 180g From 85p @ Amazon

Halloween is just around the corner so it's time to get in the sweets and treats. I reckon the kids will be out Trick or Treating this year so make sure you get plenty in. This Swizzels Chew Crew, 180g pack is just 89p at Amazon, or Subscribe and Save to get it for just 85p.

Swizzels Chew Crew, 180g

The Swizzels Chew Crew, 180g pack contains an assortment of Drumstick, Refreshers Lemon, Refreshers Strawberry, Banana Skids and Fudg-eee mini chew bars.

These are ideal for handing out at Halloween as they're small, plentiful, and come individually wrapped.

Oh and if there are any sweets left over from Halloween, there's that unwritten rule that mum and dad get to eat them once the kids are bed.

If you are ordering these for Halloween then check the dispatch date if you're Subscribe and Saving as they may not arrive in time. Delivery dates vary from person to person depending on what Subscribe and Saves they already have in place.

Subscribe and Save is easy to cancel, should you wish to once your chews have arrived.


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