Popstar Airhedz Inflatable Headgear £3.99 @ Amazon

Popstar Airhedz Inflatable Headgear £3.99 @ Amazon

The Bluw Kids Airhedz popstar kit is down from £7.99 to only £3.99 which is a nice saving of £4 off the original price. This is a hilarious and brilliant gimmick that’s on sale just in time for the dress up fun of Halloween.

The AirHedz giant inflatables are a cool new way for kids to dress up. The set comes with a piece of huge inflatable headgear and an inflatable accessory that are reminiscent of a specific popstar. These are ace for birthday parties, Halloween, and general dress-up fun as all you need to do is blow them up and stick them on.

I am sceptical about the one size fits all thing though, not all heads are created equal and this may prove to be a problem for kids with smaller skulls. This particular set is for girls dressing up as a girl popstar as it is, clearly, a head of enormous pink hair. There are plenty of other kits like cowboy and aliens but these are slightly more expensive.

Thanks to Hyperell at HUKD!


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