PlayPennies Halloween Comp: Win A £100 Amazon Voucher

25 October 2010


*** Competition now closed - winner here ***

Halloween is coming and the pumpkins are getting fat! To celebrate, we're going to give away a nice little £100 gift voucher to one of the lucky PlayPennies parents. But it won't be easy - you've got to get creative! You or your kids must get dressed up in a fancy dress outfit for Halloween, and snap a pic, including this PlayPennies image to show that you're wearing a current outfit.

We'll award the best outfit with the £100 Amazon gift voucher.

Now, this contest is totally subjective, as the PlayPennies writers will be judging it, rather than a randomly selected winner. We'll be awarding points based on creativity, humour, originality, imagination, etc. So you've got the rest of the week to come up with an idea!

The winner will be announced the first week in November 2010.

How to enter: upload your image to a hosting service such as photobucket, flickr or imageshack, then post the link in the comments below.

Some rules:

  • UK entrants only
  • 1 entry per household
  • Ends 1st November 2010
  • Must include the Halloween comp image in your photograph

Good luck!


  • katy s. My little boy Jude dressed as Draco Mallfoy for Halloween!!!!!
  • Emma K.
    Hi Katy, the pic is private in your flickr account. If this is a contest entry, you could email it to if you want.
  • john g.
    Here is me on the left with uncle fester...
  • john g. Here i lie before i awake at Halloween some say im a pain in the neck and others just love me...anyone for stake?
  • john g. my angel ready for halloween
  • john g. I love Halloween...
  • john g. Hope u like..think this is right.
  • john g.
    Hi,,i have uploaded a few but eventually got one with your logo for competition,,please can you remove all apart from last one that has dracua and your logo,,many thanks,i just read only 1 per household..
  • Christopher
    I didn't see this until now, so didn't manage to include the PlayPennies pic, but thought I'd share my Halloween costume from last night anyhow. :)
  • Michael B.
    In for a penny, in for £100! :o)
  • Sally M.
    Like all sensible babies, Beth loves zombie games, here she is being a hunter from Left4Dead. she only looks upset because she is being held back from a cat she wanted to pounce on ;)
  • SlayerKat This is my five year old dressed up for Halloween disco complete with broom lol. I did the face paint myself - quite impressed
  • Joe A.
    This is my long effort, not very halloweeny I know but too me AGES to make and got some great reactions. With the feet on it makes me over 7 foot tall :D
  • Adam2050
    Short Vader and Stump Trooper. May the Shortz be with you.
  • Aaron
    Stumbled across this competition on HUKD when I was looking for a voucher code before purchasing my halloween costume this year and bookmarked the link so I could enter in my joker get up! Here I am as the joker from batman, along with my friend david as the batman. Good luck to everyone who has entered.
  • electriclinux
    Only problem it kept almost falling off
  • vanessa b. daughters costume for this year
  • Amit P. My little monsters....
  • Adam2050
  • Claire
    My little star waiting for her pals and ready to go and look for her hero - The Room on the Broom Witch in the sky - while out Trick or Treating.
  • Lisa L.
    My gorgeous little boy in his Cute Spider outfit! x
  • Claire
    My little star waiting for her pals and ready to go and look for her hero - The Room on the Broom Witch in the sky - while out Trick or Treating. oops - forgot to add link to picture (!!)
  • Lisa L.
    Oooops I'll try that again and actually add the link! :)
  • Simon
  • tara h.
    My little boy Lucca, he's 4 and i made this costume for him. Its suppose to look like hes being abducted by an alien.
  • tara h.
    (just entered but didnt have the logo on it, and the photo straight from my facebook so not sure if everyone can see it anyway, so i uploaded it somewhere else ) My little boy Lucca, he's 4 and i made this costume for him. Its suppose to look like hes being abducted by an alien.
  • vicki
    Here is my gorgeous stepson being an adorable day-glo spider :) He was mesmerised with his reflection all day! And when we did manage to drag him away to go trick or treating, he got the MOST compliments out of all the kids! *PROUD* moment for me
  • lumoruk
    Really don't think anyone gets the "include Playpennies Comp" in picture. You have to print it out, then hold it in your hands is that right Emma? Else it's all a farce as I could just google someone else's costume.
  • tori
    My children decide to think outside the box - my daughter decided she was a witch dressing as a pumpkin and my son wanted to be a vampire magician! Here's a pic of them doing their best 'scary' pose!!!
  • SlayerKat
    Ya I didn't get that from the message. Pants
  • SlayerKat
    I wonder if anyone got it right! They'll be automatic winners
  • dave
    surly it means print out the picture and actually hold it? anyone can photoshop/use paint to insert a picture, doesn't prove anything
  • tara h.
    I entered with my photo of my little boy but didnt take the photo with the logo in it to prove it was mine, and just read the recent comments, so i thought id just take a photo of the costume sat on my laptop with this competition page open so you can see its really my own costume as i dont have a here is the photo of the costume to prove its mine too...hope thats ok as i dont have a printer
  • tori
    oops, I seem to have forgotten to put link to the pic, in my defence it was late! Here's the link now...
  • lumoruk
    ha ha didn't realise the legs were your child's, that's great tara :)
  • M N.
    Beware, beware of this spooky pair!
  • vicki
    Ahhhh I didnt take a pic with the wee one holding the playpennies thingy! And I can't now as he is back with his him. We only get the kids at w'kend so I'll miss the deadline. If i was computer literate I would try and paste a playpennies logo onto my little spidey man, but unfortunately, its beyond me lol Good luck to all those who manage to work out how to attach pdf to photos as I dont have a clue. The pics are all fabulous tho, and I hope everyone enjoyed halloweeen as much as we did Vicki :)
  • tara h.
    Its really cool effect, lots of people assume theres two children inside it but theres only one.
  • electriclinux
    I can upload a picture of the pumpkin I used in my picture with the play pennies image printed out if required.
  • Fay W.
    I couldn't get my photo loaded onto ImageShack due to my ineptitude so I've emailed my photo of my 18-month old in his home-made outfit (Mummy's first attempt at sewing!) to the address.
  • Lisa L.
    Thought I would post a pic of just his costume to prove this gorgeous little spider is actually my son and isn't just a googled image! I dont have access to a printer so the best i could do last night was to add it to the photo... x
  • lumoruk
    Maybe you could post a picture of your laptop/print out next to the top of your head lol or from an object in the photo like the Jurassic Park mug (isn't that old?).
  • lumoruk
    haha just seen yours, i think duct tape would have done it. Post up the pic/laptop next to the pumpkin.
  • louise
    Has the winner been announced?
  • Lisa
    I was wondering this too actually...
  • Emma K.
    The winner has been contacted... we're waiting on their confirmation before we announce this one :)
  • lewis
    there was only about 2 people who followed the rules and took there photos with the play pennies logo in the actual photo (printed or on computer screen) to prove that the photo was current and actually theres. The rest just copied and pasted the logo onto the photo meaning they could of used anyone photo on the internet.
  • electriclinux
    so you won?
  • Emma K.

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