NEW Halloween Toys @ Build-a-Bear

NEW Halloween Toys @ Build-a-Bear

Whilst some are getting excited about Christmas, I must admit that it's Halloween that I'm looking forward to at the moment, and I'm loving these new spooky Furry Friends at Build-a-Bear.

They are brand new online and as well as the three new Furry Friends there are outfits and accessories so that you can dress your bear at home for the Halloween party too!

The three Furry Friends are the Mummy Teddy*, the pumpkin themed Bear-o-Lantern* and the cute black cat Night Sky Kitty*. All three are £16.50 with clothing and accessories available separately.

I think they look pretty darn cute as they are, but if you wanted them to have any outfits then the 2 Piece Witch Costume* and the 4 Piece Pumpkin Costume* are £13.50 each, or there's other outfits too.

Got enough bears at home already? You could always grab a Halloween T-shirt* for your own bear as it's only £3.50.

These Halloween Furry Friends are available online now, and it doesn't say they are online exclusives so they should hopefully be in stores about now as well. If you order online home delivery charges are form £3.25 per order.


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  • Sam B.

    Awesome!!! Xx

    • Kirsty J.

      Oh my days xxx excited xxx

      • Gemma C.

        I need the pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: bear lol z x

        • Michelle L.

          Just saw it , it's lush X

          • Michelle L.

            It's lush x