Glow In The Dark Pyjamas / Tops £3.99 @ Lidl

Glow In The Dark Pyjamas / Tops £3.99 @ Lidl

From today Lidl are selling some awesome Glow In The Dark Tops and Pyjamas for kids, and they're a bargain at just £3.99 - and that's for a set of PJs or two tops!

These are brilliant value for money, and would be great for Halloween for the kids, and there's lots of designs to choose from.

As well as styles that would be great for Halloween like skeletons, spiders and so on, there are also some glow in the dark tops and pyjamas that would be find all year round, like the Cats and Space themes.

Both the tops and the pyjamas come in sizes from 1 to 6 years, so they're great for younger kids and toddlers.

These items are in stores from today and are subject to availability, and we expect them to sell fast at these prices.


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  • Kerri B.

    Ee these r good aren't they. Will have a look at the one near me xx

    • Paula S.

      Just bought these today xx

      • Lauren B.

        I no canny price aswel xx

        • Helen M.

          4-6 is the largest size. No good for my 5 year old, boo :persevere:

          • Ellie S.

            That's only the left hand page of the leaflet. I'm sure there was the same style in bigger sizes on the right hand page! You can view the whole leaflet on their website to check x

            • Helen M.

              Already been into store and asked today, but thank you.

              • Ellie S.

                Just got my leaflet out to check & that was the biggest size! Shame as they are lovely x

                • Helen M.

                  Arnt they just. Part and parcel of having a tall chikd. Couldn't get a baby grow to fit past age 2 either. Hmph!

                • John M.

                  They have them in store local to us :-)