Giant Box Of Halloween Craft 1000 Pieces £5 @ Hobbycraft

Giant Box Of Halloween Craft £5

I have to admit I get very excited when all the Halloween stuff starts popping up in the shops, and this is a must-buy for me this year! Hobbycraft have just brought out a Giant Box Of Halloween Craft with 1000 pieces inside, and it's only £5! That's going to keep the kids busy for ages, and enough goodies to go wild decorating the place!

There's a huge amount of craft supplies in this box containing everything your kids need to make witches, vampires, ghosts and all manner of creepy crafts.

The box includes pom poms, polystyrene shapes, foam sheets, wooden sticks, spoons, pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, googly eyes, glitter tubes, glitter glue, beads, paint pots, string, paper plates, straws and more - that's an awful lot for a fiver!

Hobbycraft offer free delivery on orders over £20, charges are from £2.99 on smaller orders. Click and collect is free when you spend over £20 or there's a £1 charge to collect if you're spending less.

Remember to check out our Halloween page for more spooky deals.

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  • Rebecca S.

    , in case this is useful!

  • Katy C.

    this is what we saw in there x

  • Amanda W.

    I seen this on their website actually. Planning a wee trip on Thursday when I'm off :speak_no_evil: lol Xx

  • Hollie C.

    Yessssssssssss!!!! Oh I'm sooo excited for winter and autumn :heart_eyes::ghost::jack_o_lantern::fire::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf::boom::snowman::snowflake: xx

  • Michelle T.

    noooooooooo! Bring back Summer:tired_face::tired_face:xx

  • Diana V.

    Cannot wait for halloween :ghost: xxx

  • Sharon W.

    What do you think I'm going to do with that xx

  • Katy B.

    Erm YESSSSS. I was thinking need to do them a party :clap_tone2::heart:x

  • Katy B.

    Obvs!!! Sounds fantastic xx

  • Emma S.

    OMG I'm gonna order myself some now!!!!! I was just talking about Halloween decorations, team challenge set :joy:

  • Tracy M.

    Thought you'd like them x

  • Sharon L.

    I cant go on their website - its too dangerous :joy:

  • Kathrina C.

    Girls have loads of fun with this....and me of course:raised_hands::joy::kissing_heart:

  • Danielle M.


  • Hayley F.

    I was in hobbycraft saturday n i didnt c n e x

  • Samantha P.

    hmm wonder if it's just gone on. What bout online? X

  • Aidan C.

    Will have a walk out tomorrow to see if there a hobby craft near by xxxxxx

  • Iona S.

    Omg yeah proper addicted lol xxxx

  • Paula C.

    Saw it earlier. No Halloween in this house this year. Lol xx

  • Tracey C.

    Ohhh yeah I believe you lol x

  • Andy W.

    Bit late for halloween should have showed it months ago xmas stuff is on sale now

  • Katherine Y.

    Wow the girls would love this xxx

  • Leanne W.

    Will do, hopefully not too long now! Thank you, missing you all xxx

  • Rachael C.

    There's at least half an hour of peace and quiet in there!

  • Emily M.

    Yep not sure I will be for a couple of weeks though. What about on-line? Xx

  • Kate H.

    Me too. Going to have to take a trip to hobby craft. X

  • Kay M.

    do they might have to pop over where abouts x

  • Kerrie W.

    Omg! Yes I need this!! Xx

  • Renate W.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Emma P.

    Will show Harvey in morning, think he's warming up to Halloween xx

  • Coleen T.

    Thanks av got the normal one it's huge xx

  • Jenna H.

    She'll love this. Thanks xx

  • Suzanne Y.

    Yeh looks ok I'll have a pop over tomorrow x

  • Karen H.

    I think paul would kill me if I bought anymore craft stuff:joy:

  • Lucy T.

    Oh my gosh I have to buy this if not for the children then for me :joy::joy::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern: xxx

  • Mandy B.

    Oh excellent gotta keep our budding artist in supplies. xxxx

  • Josephine H.

    Omg I need this in my life :jack_o_lantern:

  • Mkpea R.

    Looks brill! Will try and grab 1 if im ever up by there!

  • Carla M.

    I might get to pick us one of these, up for the caravan. It might keep them all quiet for an hour if it's raining

  • Annicka W.

    Ah yeah that’s a good idea. We can do pumpkin carving too and decorate the caravan x

  • Nicola B.

    Yup defo Josh’s kind of thing. Thanks!!! Xx

  • Lucy B.

    Where’s the photo :joy::joy::joy:

  • Omie F.

    Oh I love a hobby craft trip! The Boys love it when they get the Halloween stuff out x

  • Zoe V.

    Oh thanks will get that x

  • Natalie G.

    That’s good isn’t it. Would go well with all me decorations lol x

  • Karen F.

    She would love that will have to try an get to a hobby craft

  • Shell W.

    Got it all sorted Mrs, thank you tho xxx

  • Suzanne D.

    That’s a fab price!! Xx

  • Joanne C.

    We've just had a new hobby craft open on rushden lakes. This is brilliant. We love crafts especially Halloween and Xmas ones :thumbsup: xx

  • Stacey F.

    well I know Sophie would I enjoy it lol :joy: wonder if they do a Christmas one too ! X

  • Michelle M.

    :thumbsup: Might take a closer look! Thanks :slight_smile: x

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