Five Easy Halloween Hairstyles For Girls

Five Easy Halloween Hairstyles For Girls

Halloween is a fun time for adults and kids alike. You can run out of dressing up ideas when your child has numerous social events - Halloween parties, discos, dress-up day at school and trick or treating. We have some great ideas for easy Halloween hairstyles to mix things up a bit without costing an arm and a leg.


  • Put hair into a high ponytail.
  • Use four black pipe cleaners and twist them in half, so that you're left with eight spider legs.
  • Get a hair doughnut* and thread the hair through the middle.
  • Use hairgrips to hold the doughnut in place.
  • Pull the hair over and tuck under the doughnut until you have a smooth bun.
  • Bend pipe cleaners so that the spider legs look jointed.
  • Optional: spray the bun black with hairspray and add some googly eyes.

2.Spider Web

  • Section hair into six rows from the front to back of the head, as if you're doing a half up-half down style.
  • Starting with your first row, section the first two cms horizontally and add a no-snag hair-tie.
  • Work along the rows doing the same.
  • Starting with that first row again, split it in half and connect with the other half of the row next to it and fix with a hair-ties.
  • Keep splitting the rows like that and you will have a web like design in now time.
  • Optional: Spray with silver or white hairspray for added effect.

3.Cat Ears

  • Take two thin sections of hair at the top of the head.
  • Tie them into little ponytails with no snag hair-ties and fix in a pipe cleaner in each. You should have two thin high ponytails with pipe cleaners in the middle.
  • Do a simple three strand plait with the ponytail split in half and the pipe cleaner as your third strand.
  • Fix with a no snag hair-tie.
  • Bend into cat ear shape and pin the end down with hair grips*.


  • Put all of the hair into a high ponytail.
  • Take some orange ribbon and loop it under hair-tie at the base of the pony tail
  • Fix a hair doughnut securely to the back of the head with hair pins. You want it sitting flat to the back of the head.
  • Spread and smooth the ponytail over the doughnut and tuck underneath.
  • Secure the hair on the underside with more hair pins. Leave the ribbon out until your chignon is made.
  • Now, pull the ribbon over the chignon. Make sure it's tucked under and fixed into place.
  • If you would like to skip the ribbon part you can. Just spray with some orange hairspray* instead.
  • Finally, decorate with some artificial green leaves to simulate the stalk.


  • Comb all the hair back from the face. Take a decent sized section of hair from the top.
  • Split the section into three and plait it once (take the right piece into the middle and then the left)
  • When you go to take the right piece for a second time, grab a section from the loose hair and put it with it and braid.
  • Keep doing this until you have a complete french plait.
  • Alternatively, put the hair into a high ponytail and fishtail braid it all the way down and fix with a hair-tie at the bottom.
  • Now to add some props... poke some plastic bones* into the braid to make it look skeleton like.
  • Optional: spray the whole braid white.

Image Credits: Cat Ears -, Spider Web, Pumpkin -, Spider - and Skeleton -


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