Emergency Halloween Solutions For The Forgetful And Undead

31 October 2013

Today is 31 October and that means it is Halloween. Seen the Google meme on it? Just visit www.google.co.uk and play with your witch. She is fabulous. Now, you need some emergency help so that you don’t let your kids down and here are ideas that are pretty much perfect.

1. Halloween Impaired 

Need a costume? Have nothing bought or planned for? Well visit the PV Times and read the article on Emergency Costumes for the Halloween Impaired. Not only is the title quite brilliant, but you can’t help but laughing at some of the ideas. Wrap yourself in foil and go as a baked potato. How genius is that?

2. Need 293 solutions to your problem?

This website, Daddy’s Little Miracle has 293 last minute emergency Halloween costume ideas for your child that are pretty brilliant. The order seems to be all out of whack on the descriptions at first, so go on past those. I am not sure that Spiderman is a vampire or that Hugh Jackman is that interested in your love life…

3. Next you need supplies

It’s OK Be Prepared have them for you. Visit their site for emergency supply ideas for safety, decoration and warmth. It’s a very practical guide to what you’re going to need for Halloween and there are some ideas in there that are going to save your bacon. Use emergency supplies as decorations, grab anything that glows and put your husband behind a door to moan at passing strangers.

4. Emergency Halloween costume

About.com is not my favourite place, but every now and again they hit on an idea that is worth the hideous page design and SEO spam. This is one such time. They will talk you through making an utterly simple and clever emergency Halloween outfit for your child that shouldn’t cost you much to make and you will likely have most of the bits lying around at home already.

5. Involve your pets

Fluffkins feeling left out? Wooffles is ignoring you? Involve them in your Halloween preparations and take the edge off the insanity. Let’s face it, if you can get one cute pet thing done right, people won’t notice that you are using last year’s tomato juice as the fake blood in the punch bowl.

6. Adult Emergencies Resolved

The Huffington Post, as ubiquitous as ever, has decided to show you how your Halloween costume is actually already in your closet. All I can say is that if it moves and groans, run away, it is a creature of the undead and is more likely to eat you than allow you to wear it. BOO!

7. Cheap and Lazy?

If you are cheap and lazy, then the Secret Yumiverse has got an idea or ten for you. They have come up with 10 truly last minute Halloween costume ideas for people just like you. Don’t want to spend anything? Check. Still want to look awesome? Check. Too lazy to make anything exciting? This is your spot to go.

8. Partied out?

So you have friends coming over and you’ve promised them this epic party, only you either forgot (what were you doing? Hiding in a wormhole?) or your deadlines got the better of you. Woman’s Day has some ideas to save your bacon with a spooky themed snack and decoration list that is bound to get your house ready for the Halloween invasion. Dammit, now I really want a party…

9. Even more last minute

Finally, Country Living has a bunch of last minute Halloween decoration ideas that will hopefully get your house ready for the visitors, the undead, and Aunt Wilhelmina. You can take on ideas that range from Masked Portraits to ghouls on your floor. They are brilliant and funny and clever and will save you money at the same time.

Now, there you have nine excellent ideas so get out there and make your Halloween a night to remember! Happy Trick or Treating!!!

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