Colin the Caterpillar Has Had A Spooky Halloween Makeover!

Colin the Caterpillar Has Had A Spooky Halloween Makeover!

There was a definite chill in the air on the school run this morning confirming that Summer is definitely over! But don't cry over your tan fading, be happy that Halloween is just around the corner!

And with that brings a whole host of scrummy Halloween treats to your favourite stores. Even Marks and Spencer's famous Colin the Caterpillar Cake has been given a spooky Halloween makeover!

Colin's spooky makeover has turned him into Count Colin the Caterpillar! He has a chocolate vampire face, complete with fangs and a Dracula Collar! He has been drizzled in red icing to look like blood and even has black shoes which are normally white.

Expect to find Count Colin in Marks and Spencer stores later this month for just £7. Remember when Colin married Connie well the little ones have arrived! You can now buy Mini Count Colin Caterpillars which are priced at just £2.

He's perfect for Halloween parties, everyone loves a Colin the Caterpillar Cake!

Keep your eyes peeled for other M&S favourites: Percy Pigs are now Percy Pumpkins, along with all new freaky frogs, Vampire fangs and Zombie Owls. I cannot wait to get my hands on some!

Image courtesy of Marks and Spencer.


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  • Daisy S.

    I'm gonna get this for the party x

    • Alex F.

      It's a no. Looks like strawberry sauce on him. Bleurgh

      • Caroline G.

        Pushing for mum to have a party again! :heart_eyes::jack_o_lantern:

        • Nikita B.

          Ooooh I'll get one for Halloween!! Xxx

          • Amanda D.

            LOVE it! Definitely on the list, thanks x

            • Amy D.

              I'm gonna get tate the mini ones

              • Gemma L.

                We have to get some of the mini ones :blush: x

                • Helaina L.

                  Yes please!! Haha you've gotta get his babies too!! :joy:

                  • Sarah S.

                    Oh these will be getting got:ok_hand:. Is that a Halloween Percy on the side?

                    • Anita M.

                      that's the adults Halloween sorted :joy:

                      • Vicky H.

                        Haha how cool is this! Lol n the mini ones too! Xx

                        • Leonie C.

                          Seen these may have to get one ha x

                          • Charlotte G.

                            Oh yes we need those :thumbsup_tone2:

                            • Kirsty P.

                              Alfie will literally pee himself when he sees this!!! Xxxx

                              • Louise M.

                                I love Colin!!! Must get one for Halloween

                                • Samantha T.

                                  Saw the big one somewhere in s magazine lol! Might get some little ones for Halloween :jack_o_lantern: