Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids In The UK 2018

Costumes for babies, toddlers and children of all ages, plus matching family costumes too

Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids

Kids love to dress up for Halloween, and if you're looking for the best Halloween costumes for your children you're in the right place. We have searched high and low to root out all the best costumes, and the best prices, available in the UK, including those for toddlers, children and even babies too! Read on for the best Halloween costumes...

Halloween Costumes UK

Halloween is becoming more popular every year in the UK, with more people than ever dressing up and having parties as well as trick or treating. There's a huge variety of children's Halloween costumes around, and most stores release their Halloween from early September, so we will be updating this page as each store opens their Halloween shop.

Latest Halloween Costume Deals

Newborn Halloween Costumes UK

(UF) Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids In The UK 2018

There's never been a better choice of newborn baby Halloween costumes, and here are the best from this year for your little one:

Baby Halloween Costumes

(UF) Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids In The UK 2018

There's nothing cuter than a baby dressed up in a fun costume, and baby Halloween costumes have come a long way from the humble pumpkin sleepsuit. Take a look at these for your cutie:

Toddler Halloween Costumes

(UF) Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids In The UK 2018

When kids start getting mobile many of them love to dress up, and though they're still a bit young for trick or treating they can still dress up and have fun. Cute rather than scary is the way to go:

Kid's Halloween Costumes

(UF) Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids In The UK 2018

There's a huge range of kid's Halloween costumes and fancy dress out there, and whatever spooky creature they want to dress as there will be an outfit for them in the stores. No more cutting holes in old bedsheets to make a ghost costume! Here's the best kid's Halloween costumes out there:

Cheap Halloween Costumes

(UF) Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids In The UK 2018

If you want to go all out there are some really elaborate fancy dress costumes available, but if you're looking for bargains there are always lots of simple and cheap options to be found. Check the supermarkets, including the budget Aldi and Lidl, but get in there quick as stock sells out fast. Here's the best cheap Halloween costumes for kids:

Matching Family Halloween Costumes

(UF) Best Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Kids In The UK 2018

If you love matching family outfits for occasions you can now get matching Halloween costumes, so that parents, children and sometimes even baby and the dog can all go in the same costumes! Check these out:

Shadow Morphsuits for Children

One of the latest Halloween trends is Shadow Morphsuits for kids. These stretchy black outfits are very effective, and you can make your outline as wacky as you like. Here's where to get them...

Where To Buy Halloween Costumes In The UK

Many major stores will sell fancy dress costumes for Halloween, including Asda*, Tesco* (in store only), Tu by Sainsbury's*, Morrisons*, as well as the budget supermarkets Aldi* and Lidl*.

Bargain high street stores like Wilko*, Home Bargains* and B&M* are great for value costumes, and clothing stores like Matalan*, H&M and Peacocks* have plenty to add to the mix too.

Don't forget toy shops like Smyths, Shop Disney* and Argos* too. If you're looking for babies and toddlers Mothercare* sell a great selection.

If you want something a bit different and you don't mind paying a little more then online specialist stores like Party Delights* and Jokers Masquerade* are great places to look, and of course Amazon* will have just about every costume you could think of!

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