Vibrating Neck Massager £12 @ Menkind

The gift that keeps on giving!
Vibrating Neck Massager £12 @ Menkind

Who isn't uptight and stressed these days? Take some time to chill out with the Vibrating Neck Massager. It looks like it could really help you unwind after a tough day of work, kids or both. It's priced at £12 over on Menkind which is a heck of lot cheaper than a massage.

Vibrating Neck Massager

The Vibrating Neck Massager soothes muscle aches, pains and spasms with it's therapeutic vibrating technology.

Not only does the vibration at the back help to release tension, but the wraparound design also keeps you nice and cosy.

Great for long car journeys, if you're a passenger and the no-hands design means you can use it on-the-go.

Battery operated.

Click and Collect is free from a Menkind store near you, or pay £3.99 for delivery.


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