Thomas and Friends Hanging Storage £7.99 @ Mail Order Express

Thomas and Friends Hanging Storage £7.99 @ Mail Order Express

Mail Order Express are selling Thomas and Friends hanging storage for £7.99, rather than the full £19.99 rrp.

You can never, EVER have too much storage, especially when you have small children.  Quite how they accumulate so much 'stuff' is beyond me, but accumulate it they do and have to keep it under control you will - ooooh I went a bit parenting Yoda on you then!

There are all sorts of storage solutions out there and hanging ones are rather useful if you've got limited storage space.  I've been trying to find out whether this Tomas and Friends hanging storage solution hangs from the rail inside a wardrobe, or whether it hangs on the wall or from hooks in the ceiling - I'm none the wiser as Google wasn't very helpful, but the most logical (and commonly used) method is to hang it in a warddrobe.

HOWEVER it works, if it means you can encourage your children, and perhaps even get them to, put their toys away at the end of each day then it can only be a good thing.

You'll check out through Amazon and when you've logged in to your account you'll see that £1.99 is added for shipping.  There's also a promotion box - enter SALE 2012 into that and 10% will be taken off, bringing your complete total to £9.18.

Thanks to nuska83 at HUKD


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