Peaky Blinders Whisky, Rum or Gin From £24 @ Flavourly

Peaky Blinders Whisky, Rum or Gin From £24 @ Flavourly

If you are a fan of Peaky Blinders then don your flat cap and take a look at this awesome range of alcohol from Flavourly.

You can now buy your very own Peaky Blinder Whisky, Rum or Gin made by Sadlers Brewery.

I love the look of the Peaky Blinder Spiced Gin*, priced at £24 for 700ml. This gin has a spiced finish with citrus and heavy juniper notes and gives you a chance to sample some Peaky Spirit!

Also available is the Peaky Blinder Irish Whisky* which is priced at £24. This whiskey has a smooth, complex, and lingering character and has great reviews already, if you're a whisky fan it is definitely worth a try.

If rm is your tipple of choice then why not try the Peaky Blinder Spiced Rum*. It is £24.95 for 700ml. In the bottle, you’ll find a Caribbean rum, blended with warming spices and orange peel and aged in sherry casks, providing a richly dark and sweetly spiced drink, the finishing touch is with the black wax seal.

Home delivery is FREE on orders of £50 or more.


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  • Lisa-marie H.

    this looks amazing! I want a bottle of gin!! Xxx

    • Nicola K.

      Don't like whiskey now if it was vodka then I'd be getting it xx

      • Elizabeth H.

        Do we get the thomas shelby with it? Lol x

        • Becca C.

          Mmm il take the rum and gin :joy:

          • Lesley A.

            :scream::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: on the list of must haves :grimacing::joy: xxx

            • Jo E.

              Not a fan of whiskey though :see_no_evil:

              • Shoo G.

                A wish a liked whiskey :neutral_face:

                • Alison C.

                  Only if Cillian Murphy comes to drink it with me!!:joy:xxx

                  • Sherrie-Marie H.

                    Only if Tom & Cillian join me for a nightcap!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                    • Demi N.

                      Good job we've just been paid :joy::joy:

                      • Phil M.

                        Love it, they all need tasting!!

                        • Paula R.

                          Does it come with Tommy Shelby :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                          • Tom W.

                            :raising_hand_tone1:‍♂️ yes please worth a try

                            • Heather B.

                              :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: yess please!! :joy::joy:

                              • Lynsey D.

                                No way! Class!!! Gonna have to try the whiskey!!!!

                                • Sam L.

                                  The spiced rum would be good...

                                  • Robert B.

                                    oh my goodness! i just watched another episode last night!!

                                    • Nicola L.

                                      Ohhh i want the rum Mmmm mmmm

                                      • Nikki S.

                                        I'm gonna order the whisky lol

                                        • Carrie L.

                                          :heart_eyes: I just love em! I need someone to drink what's inside for me then I can Ave bottle,only drink blue :joy: x