Cutey Bracelets Review

14 April 2012

I am quite ridiculously sentimental in a way that my practicality would hide rather well. Each of my piercings have special memories, as does each of my tattoos. But as I’m not a punk rocker or a teen ager, I don’t particularly want to be covered in metal or pictures, so have had to find a new form of commemoration and remembrance: Jewellery.

I think that’s why Cutey appeals to me. The descriptions on individual items are romantic and dreamy, like “This rich and unusual bracelet is full of remembrance, memory and wisdom” or “this bracelet embraces the soil and foliage, the roots and the branches of life on our planet.” Of course, that’s all fine and well, but it doesn’t really mean anything, does it? Except that it speaks to the intention of the pieces of jewellery, and makes them romantic and classical.

I have the Momus style with beautiful glass beads, two star charms and a tower charm – you can choose tower or bell with this style – to signify a place of safety.

Quality wise, I think these bracelets belie their costume jewellery prices:

They’re made out of good materials, and feel weighty and look expensive. They certainly don’t look like they cost as little as £12.99.

The clasp is the most unusual I’ve ever seen. I can’t explain it, but have a look at the picture. That clasp opens to have two distinctive parts, one that links in to the other. It’s unusual and lovely and looks like another charm.

When the clasp is open, the charms and glass beads can be pulled off the bracelet so you can change the order or add and remove them to personalise it to your own style.

The only downside to the bracelet is that it is a one-sized bracelet, and I found it quite tight fitting on my large-ish wrists. But most watches and bracelets usually sit quite tightly on my arm, so if you’re blessed with delicate bones, or even normal sized wrists, it won’t be a problem at all. Even so, I can still close it – it just doesn’t jangle on my arm.

Apart from the actual appearance, the presentation is nice enough too. Each bracelet comes in a sealed see-through bag, with a ‘Cutey’ tag attached to it with black ribbon. It’s all very elegant and pretty, and at that price, is a total steal.

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