Little Ones Ceramic Baby Set £14.99 @ Argos

22 December 2012

This Little Ones ceramic baby set is just too CUTE!  If I had a little one, or knew anyone who had a little one then it'd already be in my basket; I love little sets like this and I love that it's up for grabs for £14.99, rather than £19.99.

Bearing in mind the time of year, I think I should get this out of the way first: you CANNOT have this Little Ones ceramic baby set in time for Christmas.  It's not available for in-store collection and the home delivery time is currently set at within 14 day - so if you're still scouting around for a pressie then don't waste your time reading the rest of this post, go to another one and keep looking!

A ceramic bowl, plate, double-handled mug and spoon - the spoon has a metal bowl, it's not completely ceramic - make up this incredibly cute Little Ones ceramic baby set.   The designs on each piece feature cutesy little cartoon animal friends, 'open wide' is written on the spoon handle, and all items are dishwasher safe.

They're not tile floor safe though, so take care and be vigilant if you have a hard kitchen floor!

Thanks to sootster at HUKD

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    Love it! It was my post on HUKD! :D

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