Cadbury's Chunk Mug With Free Bar Of Dairy Milk £6.99 plus p&p @ Applause Store

11 April 2015

cadbury chunk mug pm

This has nothing to do with babies, kids or parenting but I'm still going to tell you about it. And chocolate does play a big part in my parenting strategy - for me, not my children. It's a Cadbury's Chunk Mug and I want one.

It's £6.99 plus delivery from The Applause Store, meaning in total it will set you back around £9.98, but I think it's worth it. I didn't say it was a bargain, but it would make a great gift.

Not convinced? This will swing it - you get a free bar of Dairy Milk with every mug, so you can settle back with a brew and some chocolate as soon as your parcel arrives (children willing).

I remember there being one of these mugs in our house when I was a kid, but whose it was my memory won't say. I don't recall if it was acquired on our infamous family trip to Cadbury World (remember that Dad?), but hubby seems to think that you got them from the milkman (?).

Either way, I think that every house needs one of these, whether it's for a birthday, Father's Day or just because you love chocolate. Thank you for indulging me. Now where are those Easter eggs...

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