Baby Shower Games & Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas & Games

It makes me so sad that my baby shower was over 2 years ago now. We had such an amazing time and my friends put so much hard work in to it that I really can't wait for the next one! Do you have any friends who are expecting? I really recommend that you throw them a baby shower. There's so much fun is to be had with all of your girly friends.

Baby showers were always a stateside thing but now it's becoming such a big thing over here, so let's embrace it!

Theme- Stuck on deciding what theme to have? You have so many to choose from! Here are just a few examples: a traditional tea party, a 'Bumblebee' theme and 'Once Upon A Time'. My favourite however is the 'Nautical/Rubber Ducky' one, it just screams baby and cuteness! Check out these Mini Rubber Ducks From Amazon*, you can put them on top of cupcakes, make some raspberry jelly and add them on top or you could even have them floating in some homemade lemonade!

Invites - Invites are another thing to think about when planning a baby shower. People can get very creative with invites and baby showers are no exception, how cute is this little bow nappy idea? You can grab everything you need from Hobbycraft*. Have you thought about gift ideas? You can slip this cute little poem inside of the invites. Hopefully your baby will have an amazing book collection before they're even born!

Favours - Like weddings, you can also provide favours for your baby shower guests. I love little favours. At my baby shower we had a cute little candle that had to be lit when the baby was born and some cute little ducky soaps! There are so many lovely ideas for baby shower favours. I love this popcorn "Ready To Pop" idea. You can also buy some microwave popcorn bags and pop a "Ready To Pop" sticker on them! I'm also loving this quirky idea of seeds, with a little blooming message, it all fits in perfectly.

Games - Here are some fabulous games that were played at my Baby shower:

  • Guess How Many Sweets In The Baby Bottle - Exactly what it says in the title, get this Big Baby Bottle* and fill it with lots and lots of sweets but make sure you count them! Whoever guesses the correct amount or nearest WINS!
  • Whose Water Will Break First - Pop these Mini Babies* in an ice cube tray and freeze till ready, put them in a massive bowl and let everyone pick one baby each, the person whose ice melts the fasted then shouts "My Waters Broke" and becomes the WINNER!
  • Design A Baby Vest- Get some plain white vests from Asda* (only £5 for a pack of 5) and some Fabric Pens* , make a little station where all your friends can come and design the coolest vest for your new arrival.
  • Poop Happens - Melt a different candy bar into each nappy then have guests look and smell to guess what type of mess was in the nappy.

Cakes- Everyone has that friend that makes awesome cakes, so get asking if they can make you one. These lovely little cupcakes would be amazing for any baby shower. Get these 'Edible Cute Baby Feet*' to add to the top of your iced cake to give that simple yet effective finish. So many cool ideas to choose from and you can also go with the non-edible nappy cake.

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