New Baby Gifts With All Profits To Charity @ From Babies With Love

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If you are looking for a New Baby Gift, or  Baby Shower Gift then there is a website that specialises in these gifts that's a bit special. From Babies With Love is an online store with a difference, in that all the profits from the baby clothes and gifts they sell go to helping abandoned babies from around the world.

The clothing and gifts are gorgeous, and you know that your gift is also helping babies in need. The clothes and gifts are made from organic cottons and come in a free gift bag with a greetings card to make the gift extra special. The large muslins are a good price, and I would be tempted to give one of those or the beautiful baby blankets as a gift, purely because they will get a lot more use than the clothing on a growing baby.

If you're buying something from this company you might not want to tell a hormonal new mother where the money has gone straight away though, as that's the kind of thing that can release floods of tears.

On the From Babies With Love website you can see the babies who are being helped and get more information on the charities that are working with them. These are a lovely idea for a gift for a newborn, and one that is bound to be appreciated by new parents.

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