3 Piece Character Baby Gift Sets From £6.99 (was £11.99) @ Argos

3 Piece Character Baby Gift Sets From £6.99 (was £11.99) @ Argos

How cute are these Baby Gift Sets? Argos have dropped the price of these 3 piece character sets so that they are now £6.99/£7.99 each, down from £11.99. There's some wonderful designs to choose from in this offer, like DC Superheroes, Star Wars, Toy Story, My Little Pony, Turtles and Tatty Teddy.

Here's what you can get:

Each set contains one sleepsuit, one bodysuit, and one bib all in a matching theme. I think these would make a fab Baby Shower present, or a New Baby Gift, and they're a really good price for official character merchandise.

Stock levels vary by design, with some available all over, and others a bit less so. Reserve and collect is free, or home delivery costs £3.95.


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  • Sueann J.

    Awwwh that wookie is cool. I love that superman vest that might be worth investing in

    • Kirsty E.

      Thanks, we already have the batman and superman ones :joy:

      • Emma W.

        Alex had the batman one x

        • Taffy J.

          Neil would love the Star Wars one!!! X

          • Sean S.

            Lol brilliant just ordered the star wars one xx

            • Kelly S.

              That buzz lightyear one though :heart_eyes:

              • Chris C.

                Oh wow I know someone who'd like these !!

                • Lindsey M.

                  a wee buzz lightyear for Lottie

                  • Amy C.

                    Thanku, may have 2 get the little man the Star Wars set :blush: xx

                    • Hannah C.

                      I love these! Wish they were bigger sizes too!

                      • Danielle K.

                        Perfect, I may get him buzz for this party he's been invited to:speak_no_evil:

                        • Lucie B.

                          We are now the proud owners of it :see_no_evil:

                          • Amy M.

                            :heart_eyes: totally love the buzz one!! If it's a boy I think I need it!..... though a girl can totally be buzz too?! X

                            • Bethany J.

                              We've got the buzz one :joy: Might get him a different one xxx

                              • Heather K.

                                He needs the ninja turtle one, he'll look wicked :joy:

                                • Emily G.

                                  OMG harley would love the ninja turtles one!xx

                                  • Sophie S.

                                    tatty teddy one:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                    • Lauren C.

                                      Omg dat so cuuuuute

                                    • Amy-Jayne B.

                                      star wars ones are 6.99 a set !

                                      • Kyra T.

                                        Noah could have a little dress up like his brothers lol xxxx

                                        • Stephanie G.

                                          Aw he has a superman and batman one lol. Xxx

                                          • Kyra T.

                                            Awwww think they are ace! Xxx

                                            • Stephanie G.

                                              They are cute! Xxx

                                              • Sophie H.

                                                They had all of these on sale at Asda I think they was £4

                                                • Stephanie G.

                                                  I honestly cannot fit anymore in his wardrobe lol he has so many clothes :see_no_evil: xxx

                                                • Camilla G.

                                                  Awww it's adorable!!! Will need to look