100 Gins Scratch Poster £12.99 @ Firebox

Could you complete the challenge?
100 Gins Scratch Poster £12.99 @ Firebox

Looking for a gift for the ultimate gin fanatic? Firebox have created this new 100 Gins Scratch Poster so you can scratch off a square for each of the gins you have tried! It's priced at just £12.99, so much less than a bottle of the gin itself, and would provide a challenge for any gin lover.

You can't just stick to your trusty London Dry Gin or Gordon's here, as you'll need to branch out and try some more wild and wonderful flavours and brands to be able to tick off all 100 of these different gins.

There's no prize at the end of this, but you'll get to display the poster in all it's glory to show how much of a connoisseur you are - or use it as a handy wish list for anyone looking for present ideas for you!

Admit it, how many do you think you could cross off already? Challenge accepted!

Standard tracked delivery costs £3.99, or it's free on orders over £50


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