World Wildlife Fund Game Set £2.99 @ Argos

World Wildlife Fund Game Set £2.99 @ Argos

worldWildlifeFundGameSetI love classic games like chess, which is just one of the games included in this World Wildlife Fund 4 in 1 game set that Argos are selling for half price; £2.99 instead of £5.99.

I really enjoy playing board games, I always have done.

Chess is a really big favourite in my family and we're rather competitive when we play; we have to decide whether we're going to set a time limit on moves otherwise we can play entire games in our heads each time it's our own respective turns!

Dominoes is another classic game that makes up the four games in this World Wildlife Fund game set; my nan used to have a dominoes set or two and I loved playing the proper game with her, or setting up domino courses in her lounge a'la Record Breakers - although mine weren't anywhere near as huge as the Record Breaking ones, they were still great to watch topple over in sequence.

Ludo and Pick up Sticks are the other two games that you and your child can play if you become the proud owners of this World Wildlife Fund 4 in 1 game set.

Not only that but you'll learn all about various species and animals as you play and approximately 5% from the sale of the game set to you will be donated to support WWFs global conservation efforts.

Fabulous; fun, educational and conservation friendly too.

Thanks to ellesmum at HUKD


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